SWT Ep.55 – Arden Leigh (part2)

(part 2 of 2) Dr. Timaree continues her conversation with Arden Leigh. They talk more about pickup artist culture, carefully using social media and how to make a good impression in a very short period of time.  Plus: what to do when you like something you don’t like liking. She’s delightful. http://ardenleigh.typepad.com/ http://sexwithtimaree.com http://ia700708.us.archive.org/16/items/SwtEp.55-ArdenLeighpart2/sexwithtimaree055.mp3

SWT Ep.54 – Seduction with Arden Leigh (part1)

(part 1 of 2) This week Timaree visits with the delightful author and professional seductress Arden Leigh. They talk about various seduction strategies, the pickup community and competing with yourself as opposed to others. Her book “The New Rules of Attraction” is out in December. http://ardenleigh.typepad.com/ http://sexwithtimaree.com http://ia700805.us.archive.org/5/items/SwtEp.54-SeductionWithArdenLeighpart1/sexwithtimaree054.mp3

SWT Ep.53 – Joelle Katcher and the RodeoH harness

Joelle Katcher is awesome. When her strap-on harness broke, she whipped out her sewing machine and made her own. She talks to Dr. Timaree about her invention which she calls the RodeoH (pronounced rodeohhhh) and how she’s turned her idea into a sexy new business . http://sexwithtimaree.com http://ia600805.us.archive.org/16/items/SwtEp.53-JoelleKatcherAndTheRodeohHarness/sexwithtimaree053.mp3