Ep157: Al Vernacchio and Sex Ed for Kids : Sex With Timaree

The amazing Al Vernacchio joins Timaree for a conversation covering many topics, including how to talk to kids about sex, why sex is like pizza, his Ted Talks and explaining orientations. Download: sexwithtimaree157.mp3

Ep156: Chase Lisbon and Apnea*s Erotic New Film : Sex With Timaree

Erotica artist Chase Lisbon and model Apnea (Amanda Pemberton) discuss their latest collaboration, a feature-length erotic film titled We Must Remain the Wildhearted Outsiders. They talk about the filmmaking process, body modifications, and how their views of erotica have changed. Download: sexwithtimaree156.mp3

Ep155: Lux Alptraum Is Cool : Sex With Timaree

Lux Alptraum joins Dr. Timaree for a chat on a variety of topics, including improvements in mainstream sex ed writing, sex ed in churches, Truvada, working for Cosmo, the new Hula app and so much more. Download: sexwithtimaree155.mp3

Ep154: XXX Star Diana Prince : Sex With Timaree

Diana Prince refers to herself as *a big ol Porn-Nerd.* (Meaning a nerd who does porn.) She and Dr. Timaree talk about censorship in porn, working with men vs.women, how you know you made a good scene and so much more! Download: sexwithtimaree154.mp3

Ep153: Breasts Are Fun – Florence Williams II : Sex With Timaree

Florence Williams returns! She and Dr. Timaree resume their talk about breasts, but this time it’s all about the fun! Evolutionary biology, implants and more! Download: sexwithtimaree153.mp3    

Ep84: Surrogate Sex Partners with Mark Shattuck : SWT

This time Dr. Timaree talks to Mark Shattuck about working as a Surrogate Partner. Surrogates work with clients in therapy for various intimacy issues when they need partners to put what they’ve  learned into practice. Download: sexwithtimaree084.mp3

Ep152: Sex, Gender, Kink with Rebecca Kling and Stephanie Chando

Double guests! Rebecca Kling is an artist and educator who works with Trans identity. Stephanie Chando is a social worker  getting her PHD in Human Sexuality. They and Dr. T have a amazingly fascinating conversation about more topics than we can even list. Download: sexwithtimaree152.mp3

Ep151: Audio Snapshots from The Diabolique Ball : Sex With Timaree

It’s a LOUD-isode! Dr. Timaree hit the 2013 Diabolique Ball! Listen as she describes the wonders and excitement she found within. Download: sexwithtimaree151.mp3

Ep150!!!: Sex, Comedy, Gender, Race, SNL, etc : SWT

150 Episodes! Woooo! Do comedians have more fun? The good Dr. talks to a huge panel of Philly comics about topics directly and tangentially related to sex. Not to be missed! Download: sexwithtimaree150.mp3

Ep.149: Come As You Are & The Orgasm Challenge : Sex With Timaree

Antonia Damerell is an advocate for realistic depictions of women’s sexuality in media as well as the host of The Orgasm Challenge on Control Top TV. She and Dr. T discuss her show, her advocacy and what to do if your fav movies don’t pass the Bechdel test. Download: sexwithtimaree149.mp3


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