Ep262: STI Testing Privacy w/ Lora Ivanova : Sex With Timaree @myLABBox

Lora Ivanova returns to SWT to give Dr. Timaree an update on her work in the world of private STI testing. http://dts.podtrac.com/redirect.mp3/archive.org/download/sexwithtimaree262/sexwithtimaree262.mp3

Ep260: Bra Expertise w/The Philly Bra Lady @Karima_Renee : Sex With Timaree #bra #lingerie #boobs #pinktober #bca

Philly Bra Lady Karima joins us to talk about her work as a fitter and bra expert. It is a highly informative, boob intensive discussion. http://archive.org/download/sexwithtimaree260/sexwithtimaree260.mp3  

Ep259: Math Magazine Is Classy Porn Indeed : Sex With Timaree @math_magazine #porn #porno #erotica

We are joined by MacKenzie, editor in chief of Math Magazine, a classy pornographic publication based in Brooklyn, NY. We hear all about how and why she makes her sexy, sexy mag. Catch their third issue launch party Oct 7, 2016 math-magazine.com http://archive.org/download/sexwithtimaree259/sexwithtimaree259.mp3

Ep258: Pornographer and author Dave Pounder : Sex With Timaree @Dave_Pounder #swingers #polyamory #porn #nevertrump

A very lively debate ensues this ep as Dr. Timaree and former pornographer and current best selling author Dave Pounder discuss evolutionary psychology vs social conditions in mating behaviors, Dr. Timaree’s dissertation and much more! http://archive.org/download/sexwithtimaree258/sexwithtimaree258.mp3

Ep201: Nudity & Sex in Horror Films : Sex With Timaree @ZuzuZombi @SOUTHfellini @JoPincushion @AmericanXorcist #horror #nsfw

Dr. Timaree is joined by the delightful ZuZu Zombi and Jo Pincushion! They talk about nudity in horror films, their new project American Exorcist, snapchat, puppies and so much more! http://archive.org/download/Ep201NuditySexInHorrorFilmsSexWithTimareezuzuzombisouthfellini/sexwithtimaree201.mp3

Ep257: LIVE @PhillyPodFest w/@FlirtVonnegutJr and @SwayBradbury : Sex With Timaree #phillypodfest @tmoms @phillypodsoc

This show was a treat! Interviews with boylesquer Flirt Vonnegut and burlesquer Sway Bradbury are accompanied by a performance from Sway with live audio commentary for listeners by Flirt. Plus games and prizes! http://archive.org/download/sexwithtimaree257/sexwithtimaree257.mp3

Ep256: Dain Saint of We Can Be Better : Sex With Timaree @dainsaint #wecanbebetter #peace #feminist #orlando #lgbt #blacklivesmatter #hope #fear

Dain Saint joins us to talk about the future of humanity. Are we going to be terrified, sexist, racist bigots forever? He doesn’t think so. Don’t miss this one. He talks about fear, sexism, racism, feminism and what’s coming next. http://archive.org/download/sexwithtimaree256/sexwithtimaree256.mp3

Ep255: Instagram Modelling vs Slut Shaming w/Maygun K : Sex With Timaree @instagram #selfie #instagram

Catch Sex With Timaree live August 27th at 6pm. See PhillyPodFest.com for details. Maygun joins us to talk about the ups and downs of Instagram modelling, the positive and negative feedback she’s gotten and how it will inform her future work. http://archive.org/download/sexwithtimaree255/sexwithtimaree255.mp3    

Ep254: Menstruation Education In Uganda w/Carmen Cronin : Sex With Timaree

MPH and Fulbright Scholar Carmen Cronin joins Dr. Timaree to talk about her experiences teaching young women in Uganda about menstruation and learning how they handle that time without the health products available to women in America. http://archive.org/download/sexwithtimaree254/sexwithtimaree254.mp3