Ep203: Being Monogamish w/ Tao Ruspoli : Sex With Timaree @TaoRuspoli @MonogamishMovie

Tao Ruspoli has been exploring monogamy and the lack thereof. In his new film Monogamish, he interviews a whos who of sexperts on his quest to understand sex, love and marriage in the 21st century. Raising funds at http://kck.st/1x0UZ8H http://archive.org/download/Ep203BeingMonogamishWTaoRuspoliSexWithTimaree/sexwithtimaree203.mp3

Ep202: Sexy Inventions: Stephanie Berman Returns : Sex With Timaree @TheSemenette

One of our most popular guests of all time returns to talk about the newest version of her invention, an inseminating sex toy that we still get letters about. She is raising funds for the next version. http://igg.me/at/semenette-v2/x http://archive.org/download/Ep202SexyInventionsStephanieBermanReturnsSexWithTimaree/sexwithtimaree202.mp3

Ep201: Nudity & Sex in Horror Films : Sex With Timaree @ZuzuZombi @SOUTHfellini @JoPincushion

Dr. Timaree is joined by the delightful ZuZu Zombi and Jo Pincushion! They talk about nudity in horror films, their new project American Exorcist, snapchat, puppies and so much more! Check them out on Kickstarter http://kck.st/1EhARDO http://archive.org/download/Ep201NuditySexInHorrorFilmsSexWithTimareezuzuzombisouthfellini/sexwithtimaree201.mp3

Ep200!! Burlesque Talk with The Whiskey Kittens : Sex With Timaree

It’s our 200th episode and Dr. Timaree is partying with the young Whiskey Kittens, a new burlesque troupe in Philadelphia. They talk about getting started in the scene, their pro-love dynamic and what they’ve learned so far. http://archive.org/download/Ep200BurlesqueTalkWithTheWhiskeyKittensSexWithTimaree/sexwithtimaree200.mp3

Ep199: Modern Retro Nudity w/ Danielle Leder’s @JacquesMag : Sex With Timaree

Jacques is a luxury erotic magazine catering to a contemporary audience who yearns for the beautiful centerfolds of yesteryear. Dr. Timaree talks to founder, editor and model Danielle Leder about how to run a sexy print mag in the age of the web. http://archive.org/download/Ep199ModernRetroNudityWDanielleLedersjacquesmagSexWithTimaree/sexwithtimaree199.mp3

Ep123: CamGirl Asha Lo : Sex With Timaree @TeamAsha

The lovely Asha Lo is a web cam girl on My Free Cams. Dr. Timaree gets the complete lowdown on camming culture as they discuss her job, her show, her fans, the fetishes she encounters and lots of other interesting stuff. http://archive.org/download/Ep.123CamgirlAshaLo-SexWithTimaree/sexwithtimaree123.mp3

Ep198: Slow Sex with Kati Brennan and One Taste Philadelphia : Sex With Timaree @TurnOnPhilly

OneTaste is the leader in the Slow Sex Movement. Bridging the gap between mindfulness and sexuality, this meetup group is for those looking to feel more, have greater intimacy and connection in their lives and open to a deeper sexuality. http://archive.org/download/Ep198SlowSexWithKatiBrennanAndOneTastePhiladelphiaSexWithTimaree/sexwithtimaree198.mp3

Ep197: Sex and Faith with Rev Bev : Sex With Timaree

Reverend Beverly Dale is a published writer, vocalist, and performer, in addition to being an ordained minister. She and Dr. Timaree talk about the intersections of sexuality and Christianity. http://archive.org/download/Ep197SexAndFaithWithRevBevSexWithTimaree/sexwithtimaree197.mp3

Ep196: 400 Years of Vampires and BDSM w/ Annie A-Bomb : Sex With Timaree @thecabaretadm

Annie A-Bomb returns to talk about her new show Fin. It has vampires, BDSM, a virginity auction and the consumption of chocolate from a womans torso. They talk 50 Shades of Grey alternatives, sucky online dating and how to date a burlesquer. CabaretAdministration.com http://archive.org/download/Ep196400YearsOfVampiresAndBdsmWAnnieA-bombSexWithTimaree/sexwithtimaree196.mp3

Ep195: Terrible Parenting with Mike Rainey : Sex With Timaree

Comedian Mike Rainey opens up to talk about parenting, being a partner and his latest book Terrible Advice For Parents. Not to be missed! http://archive.org/download/Ep195TerribleParentingWithMikeRaineySexWithTimaree/sexwithtimaree195.mp3


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