Ep81: Sex Robots!! w/ Dr. Michelle Mars : Sex With Timaree #tbt #robots #sexbot #sexrobot #pleasurebot #westworld #westworldfinale #westworldseason1 #Gazorpazorp #r2dtf @DrMichelleMars

Who would you rather have sex with, a vibrator or Michael Fassbender in Prometheus? This question and others are answered as Dr. Timaree talks to Michelle Mars about her paper on sex robots in our near future. http://dts.podtrac.com/redirect.mp3/archive.org/download/SwtEp.81-SexRobotsWithMichelleMars/sexwithtimaree081.mp3

Ep266: Candy Cane Cabaret w/ The Spruce Foundation supports LGBT Youth : Sex With Timaree #philly #SpruceLove #LGBT #philanthropy @sprucefdn #givingtuesday

The Spruce Foundation is throwing a sexy holiday party and proceeds will benefit their grantmaking efforts in support of the LGBTQ youth community. It’s Wed, December 7, 2016 8:00 PM at The Raven Lounge Philadelphia. Dr. Timaree is joined by three members of their board to talk about their important work and their event. http://dts.podtrac.com/redirect.mp3/archive.org/download/sexwithtimaree266/sexwithtimaree266.mp3

Ep265: Speaker and Comedienne Christina Irene : Sex With Timaree @reachingwords

Women’s empowerment speaker Christina Irene joins us to talk about her work with women, comedy and much more. http://dts.podtrac.com/redirect.mp3/archive.org/download/sexwithtimaree265/sexwithtimaree265.mp3  

Ep264: Violence Against Sex Workers in Philadelphia : Sex With Timaree #dec17 #swop #humanrights #redumbrella

In this very serious conversation, we are joined by M. Dante and E. Vayle as they discuss a series of sex worker murders in Kennsington, Philadelphia as well as their December 17th memorial demonstration. http://dts.podtrac.com/redirect.mp3/archive.org/download/sexwithtimaree264/sexwithtimaree264.mp3

Ep263: Manwhore @TheBillyProcida : Sex With Timaree #manwhore #dating #porn #nevertrump

Comedian and manwhore podcast Host Billy Procida talks to Dr. Timaree about dating podcasting, being a one time porn star and so much more. http://dts.podtrac.com/redirect.mp3/archive.org/download/sexwithtimaree263/sexwithtimaree263.mp3

Ep262: STI Testing Privacy w/ Lora Ivanova : Sex With Timaree @myLABBox

Lora Ivanova returns to SWT to give Dr. Timaree an update on her work in the world of private STI testing. http://dts.podtrac.com/redirect.mp3/archive.org/download/sexwithtimaree262/sexwithtimaree262.mp3

Ep260: Bra Expertise w/The Philly Bra Lady @Karima_Renee : Sex With Timaree #bra #lingerie #boobs #pinktober #bca

Philly Bra Lady Karima joins us to talk about her work as a fitter and bra expert. It is a highly informative, boob intensive discussion. http://archive.org/download/sexwithtimaree260/sexwithtimaree260.mp3  

Ep259: Math Magazine Is Classy Porn Indeed : Sex With Timaree @math_magazine #porn #porno #erotica

We are joined by MacKenzie, editor in chief of Math Magazine, a classy pornographic publication based in Brooklyn, NY. We hear all about how and why she makes her sexy, sexy mag. Catch their third issue launch party Oct 7, 2016 math-magazine.com http://archive.org/download/sexwithtimaree259/sexwithtimaree259.mp3

Ep258: Pornographer and author Dave Pounder : Sex With Timaree @Dave_Pounder #swingers #polyamory #porn #nevertrump

A very lively debate ensues this ep as Dr. Timaree and former pornographer and current best selling author Dave Pounder discuss evolutionary psychology vs social conditions in mating behaviors, Dr. Timaree’s dissertation and much more! http://archive.org/download/sexwithtimaree258/sexwithtimaree258.mp3