SWT Ep.67 – Mary Anne Layden Is Wrong

This week is a ranty rant about Mary Anna Layden and the Philadelphia Daily News. They published an article that painted all exotic dancers as powerless, wretched prostitutes-to-be. It also stated that nudity inevitably leads to drugs and violence. Pretty insulting stuff. http://SexWithTimaree.com http://ia601209.us.archive.org/8/items/SwtEp.67-MaryAnneLaydenIsWrong/sexwithtimaree067.mp3

SWT Ep.66 – Women in Movies and Comics with Andre Bennett

This week is our interview with virtual encyclopedia of pop culture knowledge Andre Bennett. Dr. TImaree and Andre discuss the roles of women in films, comics, and why Zach Snyder isnt that great a director. Check it out! http://sexwithtimaree.com http://ia601205.us.archive.org/29/items/SwtEp.66-WomenInMoviesAndComicsWithAndreBennett/sexwithtimaree066.mp3