Ep134: Brettzo the Boylesque Wonder – Sex With Timaree

In addition to having Philadelphias premiere mustache, Brettzo is also Philadelphias premiere boylesquer. What is Boylesque you ask? Simply put, its burlesque performed by boys. He talks to Dr. Timaree about his work, his sweet moves and his super high rating on the Lulu app. http://ia601900.us.archive.org/13/items/Ep134BrettzoTheBoylesqueWonder-SexWithTimaree/sexwithtimaree134.mp3

Ep.133: Emily Yoffe Is Wrong (and Pretty Condescending) About Sexual Assault and Drinking : Sex With Timaree

Emily Yoffe (Slate*s Dear Prudence) wrote an article about rape prevention that*s all about telling women not to drink. It wasn*t terribly helpful. http://ia601007.us.archive.org/22/items/Ep.133EmilyYoffeIsWrongandPrettyCondescendingAboutSexualAssault/sexwithtimaree133.mp3

Ep132: Sex Nerd Sandra Daugherty : Sex With Timaree

In this ep, two sex educators nerd out big time. Sandra Daugherty hosts the Sex Nerd Sandra podcast on the Nerdist Network. She and Dr. Timaree hit all kinds of topics, including her origin story, her tour, books they’re reading, clown sex and BDSM. A++ http://archive.org/download/Ep132SexNerdSandraDaughertySwt/sexwithtimaree132.mp3  

Ep.131: Fantasy and Pin-up Artist David Palumbo : Sex With Timaree

David Palumbo is an amazing painter who has created a beautiful new book of sexy pin-ups. He and Dr. Timaree thoughtfully discuss his process, his models and how he gets out of paying his parking tickets.  Not to be missed. http://ia601904.us.archive.org/8/items/Ep.131FantasyAndPin-upArtistDavidPalumboSexWithTimaree/sexwithtimaree131.mp3