Ep175: Designing Sexy Furniture w/ Erin and Kevin Jensen : Sex With Timaree

Multipurpose only begins to describe the furniture made by Erin and Kevin Jensen. They talk to Dr. Timaree about the origin of their Revel project and the evolution of both their designs and their relationship. http://archive.org/download/Ep175DesigningSexyFurnitureWErinAndKevinJensenSexWithTimaree/sexwithtimaree175.mp3

Ep174: Ethnic Kink with Goddess Sonya : Sex With Timaree

Goddess Sonya joins Dr. Timaree to talk about kinksters of color, condoms in porn, discrimination by Google Ad Words and more! Plus she demystifies a slew of different fetishes. http://archive.org/download/Ep174EthnicKinkWithGoddessSonyaSexWithTimaree/sexwithtimaree174.mp3

Ep173: Sex Positive Feminism and How to Achieve It : Sex With Timaree

Dr. Timaree talks about sex and feminism, clears up misconceptions and offers a guide to being both a feminist and a lover of sexy times. http://archive.org/download/Ep173SexPositiveFeminismAndHowToAchieveItSexWithTimaree/sexwithtimaree173.mp3

Ep172: Your Questions! : Sex With Timaree

You ask lots of great questions! Dr. Timaree has all the answers. Email your questions to sexwithtimaree@gmail.com http://archive.org/download/Ep172YourQuestionsSexWithTimaree/sexwithtimaree172.mp3

Ep171: Nipple Talk and the Tata Top : Sex With Timaree

Women usually can’t go topless at the beach. The next best thing however might be the Tata top. The creators talk to Dr. Timaree about their invention, topless rights, internet censorship and more. http://archive.org/download/Ep171NippleTalkAndTheTataTopSexWithTimaree/sexwithtimaree171.mp3