SWT Ep.21 – Your Questions

The Sex With Timaree Podcast can officially get drunk as of this episode! Now then, this week the good doctor address three reader questions. Part I: Coitus Interruptus. Part II: Objectification. Part III: Masturbation (aka Piece in the Middle East). Homework: Dirty Talk! http://sexwithtimaree.com http://ia600606.us.archive.org/32/items/SwtEp.21-YourQuestions/sexwithtimaree021.mp3

SWT Ep.20 – The Monogamy Wagon (Snakebite!)

This week Doctor Timaree answers write-in questions from folks who want more. Listener one wants to have a three-way, while listener two has been stepping out and is trying to get back on the monogamy wagon. Also, brand new, sexy homework.  http://sexwithtimaree.com http://ia600403.us.archive.org/23/items/SwtEp.20-TheMonogamyWagonsnakebite/sexwithtimaree020.mp3

SWT Ep.19 – The Fucksaw Show!

How could Doctor Timaree possibly resist weighing in on the Fucksawgate controversy at Northwestern University? (And indeed, why would she want to?) This week is her thorough rundown and opinion of the incident including background on the parties involved and some inside scoop from a good friend on campus. Also, a new segment on SWT! Its fun “homework” … Continue reading

SWT Ep.18 – Are you ready for forever?

Reader Question! A young SWT reader has found a “perfect” mate but isn’t ready to be off the market just yet. What to do? http://sexwithtimaree.com http://ia600403.us.archive.org/3/items/SwtEp.18-AreYouReadyForForever/sexwithtimaree018.mp3