Ep148: Exhibitionism and Degradation w/ Photopig : Sex With Timaree @IAMYOURPHOTOPIG

A fascinating and unusual episode, Dr. Timaree has a groundbreaking and very personal discussion with a man who discusses his history with an exhibitionism and degradation fetish. http://archive.org/download/Ep148ExhibitionismAndDegradationWPhotopigSexWithTimaree/sexwithtimaree148.mp3

Ep209: Cam Girl Asha Rabbit Returns! : Sex With Timaree @xo_rabbit

One of our favorite guests and humans, Asha is back to talk about camming, sideshow performing, fitness and all the new developments in her world. A+ https://archive.org/download/Ep209CamGirlAshaRabbitReturnsSexWithTimareexo_rabbit/sexwithtimaree209.mp3

Ep208: Best Sex Writing 2015 w/ Jon Pressick @sexinwords : Sex With Timaree

If you write about sex, Jon Pressick will find you. He visits to talk about his new book compiling the best sex writing he could find and it is a fascinating read. http://archive.org/download/IfYouWriteAboutSexJonPressickWillFindYou.HeVisitsToTalkAboutHis/sexwithtimaree208.mp3